Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In cheap We Trust

A book that seems like a long sermon trying to uplift frugality from the dump and put it on a pedestal. The author invokes all the possible figures in history from the Greek philosophers to one of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, to convince her reader of the benefits of frugal living.
The book gives an impression of a collection of biographies. Lauren Weber dedicates each of her early chapters to an individual and their life and times. She articulately points out the changes in the society, where being cheap and thrifty, initially, was considered a foundation for better economy, and later was associated with the immigrants by the prevailing media that lead people to believe that frugal living is only for the third world. Weber further highlights the movement and times that drove people away from a saving economy to a consumer economy in the post World War II era.
I will not say that the book is purely entertaining, but there is truth in what she says. So, if you want something that will convince you of the importance of frugality and living within your means, this book will give you ample reasons and credible quotes to counter your friends and relatives who think living frugal is "cheap".

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